New Plein Air Oil Painting Workshop!


Hello!  I'm Bley Hack, an artist living in the glorious Midwest.  My passions are people (mom of 6 here), paint (oil or watercolor) and petals (small-scale flower farmer). 

Using mainly watercolor and oil paints, I aim to communicate my passion for Place.  This encompasses not just items or objects found at a place, but the feelings and memories that a place evokes, the history of a place, and often the flora and fauna of a location.

Working from my studio on the family farm I share with my husband and six children, I study and forage for ideas, memories and plant and flower specimens from a location to use in my watercolor collages and oil paintings.  Plants and flowers are pressed to add to painted watercolors recording not just the feelings and impressions of a place, but the specific botany at one moment in time. 

  On most days, you can find me chasing kids, obsessing over the gardens, and putting paint to paper or canvas.
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